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I plan to drive to Manchester, NH, on Tuesday February 2, and return Sunday February 7.  I’ve started checking the various candidates’ sites for events during that time.  I have also been in touch with two teachers at Mamaroneck HS, Joe Liberti and Evan Madin, who are taking a group of students (in political science and journalism classes) to New Hampshire from Saturday the 6th to primary day, Tuesday the 9th.  If our schedules permit we might meet up for a discussion; the j-students may be interested in interviewing this example of what Mr. Liberti called ‘political tourism.’   I hadn’t thought of my venture in quite those terms; sounds rather superficial.   I was thinking more Tocqueville.  This is a good reminder that it’s never too soon to start lowering expectations.

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  1. Dennis McEnery says:

    Look forward to hearing all about the first real primary of the election cycle! New Hampshire will likely be the make or break moment for several of the candidates. Safe travels in the Granite State.

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