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From Russia, with Love

No doubt you have been wondering: Just how well-connected is this guy? Whence comes his trenchant analysis, insightful reportage and other good stuff? Well, I can tell you this much: even my sources have sources. Beyond that, I could not … Continue reading

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The End of The Beginning

We live in an accelerated age. World War II was fully three years old when the tide began to turn, in the Soviet Union and in North Africa. Even at that point, amid glimmers of optimism, Churchill was clear and … Continue reading

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Ukraine War – March 8, 2022

Ukraine Auguries Never underestimate the willingness of the American government, and the American people, to seek peace at any price.  We are not a nation of Patrick Henrys, and probably never were.  And the limits of our appetite for even a war … Continue reading

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