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I don’t know how your day went, but I met one (unknown) presidential candidate and was interviewed twice – once by a videographer for Scripps, then by a print reporter for the Union-Leader. And that was before I’d finished breakfast. … Continue reading

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The First Thanksgiving – recollected from elementary school

Once upon a time, there was a group of people in England called the Prurient Men, but because most everybody was illiterate and not too educated like now, the rest of the people called them Puritans for short. Everybody hated … Continue reading

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Election Day

I haven’t posted on this blog in six months; today seems a good time to start again. In my defense, I’d say I have been busy: traveling to Colombia and Colorado, teaching Sunday School, cleaning out the garage and basement, … Continue reading

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Visit to A Library

One of the principal joys of being retired is that you can spend time to save time.  Back when I was gainfully employed and wanted a certain book from the library, I would go to the library here in Larchmont, … Continue reading

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April 23rd

Thinking (feebly) of Mr. S on his birthday and the quadricentenary of his death: One who’s wicked,                                                                                                                                  Another good,                                                                                                                                  Knave or brave,                                                                                                                                   Yet understood. Common folk and royalty                                                                                                                     In virtue or perfidy                                                                                                                          Drawn in quartos                                                                                                                            Prose and poetry. Maid, soldier, … Continue reading

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Mirabile Dictu

Having not posted for over a month, it seemed high time I did.  But one cannot rush these things.  All appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, I really do exercise self restraint and editorial judgment; several times I’d embarked on what … Continue reading

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We Will Negotiate with Them on The Beaches…

Battling my gathering gloom over the American political future, I turn my eyes abroad; a change of scene may provide relief. I turn to England.  Spring comes to that green and pleasant land, the sun returns.   Clouds of daffodils supplant … Continue reading

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Spring Training

Today, February 18th of 2016, the sun is shining and the air, though still brisk, is warm enough that I’ve doffed the winter coat in favor of a light fleece jacket. A corner has been turned.  Pitchers and catchers have … Continue reading

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Rubio, and Return

Today is Sunday and my last day here.  I’m up early to pack – which takes five minutes as I didn’t bring much – and write a note to my host Jason, thanking him for the luxurious lodgings. Then I … Continue reading

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Looking back from the perspective of (advanced) middle age, youth seems like a time of fun, great promise and opportunities, strong feelings and enthusiasms, and physical power, if not outright fearlessness.   That view however is the result of the removed … Continue reading

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